Welcome to Resurrection Lutheran Weekday Preschool

Please read the Latest News below about the 2020-2021 School Year.

Enriching children’s lives through play-based learning since 1997, RLWP is a part time, 2-4 year old play-based early learning experience. Welcoming classrooms and playgrounds, experienced teachers, enrichment classes on age-appropriate subjects, and off-site field trips combine to provide a special learning experience, to create and foster a love of learning in your child.

We have attended this preschool for 7 years with my third child there now. We have had such an amazing experience. The teachers have taught my kids so much about kindness and caring, while giving them a great educational experience. My older kids were more than ready for Kindergarten and still love going back to see their teachers, with their younger sister.


Classes for the 2’s and 3’s are held Monday through Thursday from 9:15 am – 12:00 noon. There is an optional lunch program for children who have turned three and are potty-trained. This program runs 12 noon – 1 pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. The 4’s class meets Mondays from 9:15 am – 12:00 noon and Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 9:15 am – 1:00 pm. The school is not open on Fridays.
  • 2's class two days a week (either Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday)
  • 2's class four days a week (Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday)
  • 3's class three days a week (Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday)
  • 3's class four days a week (Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday)
  • 4's class four days a week (Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday)

Latest News