A Message From Our Director Ms. Sue

Welcome to Resurrection Lutheran Weekday Preschool!

Greetings to all Northern VA Families! On behalf of Resurrection Lutheran Weekday Preschool (RLWP) I would like to welcome you to obtaining more information on our Preschool Program for the upcoming school year. RLWP is a "Play and Mixed-Age Group Based" Preschool Program that focuses on each child's development while providing a loving, nurturing and exploration based environment to do so safely in. As our family reviews detail we are more than just a Preschool, we consider ourselves part of your Family while we help to guide your child in their learning and developmental milestones being achieved with us at our preschool. We thrive on helping each child succeed! We offer a variety of activities throughout the course of a preschool morning to help your child to do so. Some areas we focus on are art, gross motor skills, fine motor skills, reading, writing, math, outdoor exploration, sensory skills, social skills and science concepts. We also focus on each child's health/safety while in school and have implemented several COVID-19 protocols as well as other health guidelines that we follow in order to do so. Our goal is to help your family to prepare your child for the next big step in their education which is going on to pursue their elementary education.

As a past educator in the public school system, I can tell families that the biggest hurdle us as educators in the school system often faced with children who had not been in a preschool/childcare setting was helping children to learn to socialize with other students in an appropriate manner, taking turns and sharing. One way to help your child to be ready for school is to help them prepare in advance for these situations by having them be a part of a preschool setting and to learn these skills.

I encourage your family to reach out to me directly should you have any questions or concerns about our Preschool Program. We are here to help your family and your child to succeed! I am happy to schedule a virtual tour through Facetime for any families that would like to see our preschool environment and to discuss next steps to enroll your child in our upcoming preschool program school year. You may reach me directly at rlwp@copper.net


Ms. Sue

Director at Resurrection Lutheran Weekday Preschool


May 10, 2021